November 7, 2011

Jinx - New Growth (The Album)

Last night at Crowbar, the 813 came out strong to represent & celebrate for one of their very own favorite & gifted artists - emcee/producer, Jinx. The release of his long awaited sophomore album, New Growth was a moment in hip hop that had to be witnessed. Accompanied by all the good and bad of the culture - squealing mics, smokey air space, b-boys and gay boys who love the music equally, old school funk and soul joints, mad scratching courtesy of a few hometown djs, the tight fit of the crowd and the feeling of being out in the park after dark made the night just right for the occasion. This was Jinx' time to shine as he unveiled the second coming of himself.  

Sharing your flaws, achievements, struggles and overall soul isn't always received by the fickle fans of this music, but there's no increase to ones being when you remain in one lane. Sure you can have a couple dope beats, but what's left after that? Simply the beats! But there needs to be some substance as well to balance. Jinx provides that substance with New Growth and it is pure honesty from a humble young man who's very aware and informed of his surroundings.  

The 16 track album produced by Jinx with the exception of two, featuring fellow Tampa artists, DynastyMike Mass, Monica DelgadoRon Marks and others touches heavily on the current state of the music via tv/radio programming (Robots), the beauty and ugly of female relations (Split Personality & Let Me Go) his dance vibe paying homage to the b-boys & b-girls (U) and various aspects of todays society on Reality Check. Jinx spits raw emotion into every track from commencement to close. A true sign of growth from his previous works and just a preview of what's to come from this continually aspiring artist.  

interviewed Jinx back in March where he spoke briefly about the album and his excitement for the world to hear it. After witnessing his performance last night, I can say he accomplished one tier by breaking ground once again at home. Now it's time to spread it out beyond the city. Physical copies are currently only available via mail order and the digital will soon be on his Bandcamp.  Contact for your copy. Until then vibe to two gems from the album. Support the real!

Jinx - Official ft Dynasty

Jinx - My Advice ft J'Nelle
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