November 19, 2011

TDR Presents: Opolopo Mutants

Last year, I was introduced to powerhouse producer and Hungarian born musician, Opolopo. Strange name, yet a strong and simple definition meaning "Plenty" in Yoruban gives validity to the man's abilities behind the boards. For over a decade, his sound has played behind the works of various labels and artists, some I may have heard but would have to research for familiarity. Voltage Controlled Feelings (which is not his debut) released on Tokyo Dawn Records presented an array of funked out vibes in combination with a sonic blend of 80's inspired R&B, techno synths and future electronic sounds. Tracks like "Glide" "Take it Slow" and "Waiting" all had me moving and contorting my body in ways it hasn't done since I was a teen. Okay, I'm exaggerating, but seriously, I bounced and jerked my body uncontrollably to the rhythms as they blared from my speakers. Before now (Mutants), his full production on Amalia's Art Slave brought more attention to his diversity in the lab which churned out some gems for this album. Amalia, with her very passionate vocals and stylish groove worked wonderfully with Opolopo's new production course. I heard influences from Janet Jackson's - Rhythm Nation and Guy's - The Future (both classic albums) throughout the project.

Now on Mutants it's all about the remixes he has done. Scheduled for release on December 5th, the 14 track album is filled with some banging tunes. Taking on tracks which feature artists like Talib Kweli, Amalia,  Colonel Red, Gregory Porter, Soulparlor and more, this one is a great introduction for those who aren't familiar and a true gift for those like myself who has heard one or two of these remixes, but doesn't own any - until now.

Lisa Preston aka LP - M.U.S.I.C (Opolopo rmx)  

Yellowtail - Back to The Melody (Opolopo rmx)
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