January 7, 2010

Fill Your Cup With Goapele's - Milk & Honey

Music should inspire and create a sense of desire where listeners yearn for more. As a fan of many underground artists, I'm truly honored to feature another who brings pleasure to my ears with every listen to her music. The beautiful angelic soul of Oakland Cali native, Goapele, won me over with her sophomore release Change It All (2005). I'd heard the single "If We Knew" via a sampler I'd been given some years back, and upon listening to the gentle, yet vivid coming of age tale, I knew I was in store for an album that would gain plenty of spins once it dropped. Now, I'd heard of Goapele before then. "Closer" from her 2001 release Even Closer established my beginnings. Ask me why I'm still sleeping on this project? The answer is beyond even myself.

Goapele is preparing to release her 3rd album, Milk & Honey sometime in March, and based on the title track, she's changing lanes just a bit. This time around her sound gets the spacey electric treatment, but it still holds that soulful flavor her fans have come to appreciate. Her producer went in on this beat. Partake in the seductive vibe of Milk & Honey below. The remix was done by Deepblak, and it's on some mellow house type thump. Check the video below where Goapele talks about her steps to creating the new album. Support the single here, and while you're there, check out her previous works as well. Support this gem of a talent! You won't be disappointed.


Goapele - Milk & Honey

Goapele - Milk & Honey (AYBEE's_Gorilla_In_Trunk_Slap rmx)
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