January 6, 2010

Mickey Factz - The Dark Phoenix #ALPHA

For those who don't know anything about the emcee name Mickey Factz, just prepare yourself for an experience like none other. He is the ideal vision for hip hops future, and one who continues to paint vivid, yet at times complex thoughts on wax. My introduction to Factz came via Back To The Future - Flashback Vol.1 sometime in 2007. I can't say I was impressed upon first listen. Maybe it was because I was working out while listening and not really focused on the project. That led me to set it aside, and unfortunately never spun it again. Sorry Factz! As this introduction fortunately wouldn't be his end, Factz later dropped the solid, Heaven's Fallout. It took me a minute to peep the project (Black Milk's - Popular Demand pretty much took over my 2007), but somewhere in 2008 after hearing a set of leaks from him, I took back to my pc for Heaven's Fallout and got to rockin'. Now in 2010, after a year long break, Factz returns with The Dark Phoenix #ALPHA. It's a push forward from the mind of a very personal emcee and continues to show Factz grinding his own path to a creative and limitless sound. Don't let this work go without a few proper listens. Factz is not on some b.s. Peep the content on both these tracks below, and get your free download via his site. Support hip hop NOT hip pop!        


Mickey Factz - S/ecrets T/hat D/estroy

Mickey Factz - Still I Rise
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