January 29, 2010

Jimetta Rose Is Soul Refreshing

The indie music scene continues to spread their message of diversity and originality amidst the b.s so routinely heard on mainstream radio. Not allowing the powers to be dictate their passion, these artist take measures into their own hand and deliver the gift of beautiful music fans have come to appreciate and respect. With that said, allow me to introduce Jimetta Rose. Early last year, I had the pleasure of placing my ears to the vocals of this amazing soul via a track entitled "Divinely Free." The funked out production provided by Georgia Anne Muldrow layed the stage for Jimetta's pristine vocals as she belts out the opening lyrics, "I'll spread my wings, and fly across the sky." I was left in a stupor while listening to the track.

Now in 2010, she follows up with her debut album The Barber's Daughter. Stepping left just a tad of the funk sound I initially heard her over, Jimetta unleashes more organic and enriching flavors on TBD. Opening the album with a quick message, she lends inspiration to others who want to travel a path of their own in attaining their dream. From there, the journey into a soulful plate of lyrical honesty, thoughtful arrangements and total musicality is set for listeners to become one with. I won't go into any more detail. Begin your journey with this certified top ten album for 2010 with the two features below, then go and support Jimetta here.


Jimetta Rose - Life Unfolds

Jimetta Rose - I Got God
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