October 27, 2011

Hassaan Mackey & Apollo Brown - The Note (Gensu Dean rmx)

A couple weeks back, I supported the joint album by lyricist, Hassaan Mackey and producer, Apollo Brown - Daily Bread. The album is amongst my top ten for the year thus far. Consisting of raw soul fused beats and Hassaan's slow flow and insightful lyrics, it's an instant classic for the duo and for all true hip hop advocates. 

Producer Gensu Dean, the newest addition to the Mello Music Group decided to contribute his expertise to the dopeness by remixing "The Note." In my opinion and not discrediting Apollo's production, but this one trumps the original, and compliments Hassaan's gritty baritone voice quite nicely. Peep the rmx and original below, then head on over to give the album a full spin.   

Hassaan Mackey & Apollo Brown - The Note (Gensu Dean rmx)
Hassaan Mackey & Apollo Brown - The Note

October 20, 2011

Spoken Thought - The Formula (Video)

During my initial viewing of this video by Miami based hip hop group, Spoken Thought, I contemplated  posting it simply because of the visual message. Despite that, the verbal message the group conveys is absolutely spot on with what's currently going on in commercial hip hop music. So many subsets of the music, but none truly original, nor inspiring and all are killing the art form and creating strife amongst each other trying to attain the magic formula for success. It's straight madness, and the video gives a simple yet straight forward portrayal of this.

Consisting of emcees, Joe Turman and Real Cypha, Spoken Thought's debut album, And So It Begins produced exclusively by Tony Galvin (Basic Vocab) was scheduled for a first quarter release, but for whatever reason it was pushed back 'til further notice. From what I heard of it via the sampler, it sounds like my kind of album. Another group that's bringing back the lyrics. 

Naira - inkDREAMING ft. Young Scolla & D Julien (Video)

A few months back I was sent an email introducing me to Atlanta based recording artist, Naira. I don't remember exactly what the joint was, but I don't remember being moved by it. However, this go round Naira grabs my attention with this video for her latest single "inkDREAMING" ft Young Scolla & D. Julien. "inkDREAMING" comes off the See Me, See Trouble album which I'm gonna have to give a listen to now. "inkDREAMING" is what she calls the process of being lost in the pages of your mind and the ink with which you write the story of your life in song. I'm feeling the way the three convey their stories on this joint.  Make sure to check out the album for yourself. 

October 19, 2011

Sarah White - Space Madness

Right around the latter part of 08', my knowledge of Minneapolis native, Sarah White was formed. The ill remix of "Fade" by J Todd got me hip to her vibe very quickly. I eventually copped the album, Hiding Blind - which was good, but a lot different from the single. Even still, the album displayed the work of an artist who's not afraid to experiment with a plethora of sounds. 

Three years later, Miss. White is back with her latest, Space Madness - a more cohesive style project that blends entrancing soul and electronic vibes which showcase Miss. White's vocal and songwriting abilities to a greater degree. With features from up and coming soul crooner, Nicholas Ryan Gant and Cecilia Stalin and production from Rico Simon Mendez (a.k.a. DJ Don Cuco), PoLo (PapaJazz), Teddy G and additional productions from Hadyn, Space Madness could be the record that gets her the attention she deserves. And to anyone not yet  familiar with her work, I believe Space Madness serves as a great introduction.    

Sarah White Sarah White - Limitless

Sarah White - Warrior ft Cecilia Stalin

October 14, 2011

Kaleem Taylor - Interlude, Never & Blow Out

His name may not ring any bells right now, but surely after you listen to his vibe - his sound will be engraved in your memory. One look at London native, Kaleem Taylor and you wouldn't think those raspy soul vocals are coming from him. He instantly reminded me of K-Ci from Jodeci (before the drugs and alcohol). I was just talking to a friend the other day, stating to her that London has all the fly stuff. Not taking anything away from home, but it just seems that way.

Well, Kaleem Taylor adds value to my statement with his singles, "Interlude," "Never" & "Blow Out." I'll be the first to tell you, "Never" rocks! It's the first I'd heard from him, and all I needed to become a supporter/fan. "Never" sets the tone for what I believe will be an awesome debut. With its deep bass line and groovy tempo, smothered with his captive vocals like your favorite southern dish, Kaleem's setting a new standard of R&B - the kind from a mature, young man's perspective.  

"Blow Out" takes you out on the dance floor with a uptempo pulsating rhythm, and "Interlude" is just that - the perfect transition before the climactic slow jam comes on. Inspired by the likes of Nat King Cole, Lauryn Hill, D'Angelo, Jazmine Sullivan & Stevie Wonder, music lovers will soon enjoy the sounds of #Kaleem Taylor.    

Kaleem Taylor - Interlude


Omar - There's Nothing Like This (Roddy Rod rmx)

Last year right around this time, DJ/producer, Roddy Rod dropped his album, Cuba Aftermarket 2 to an almost private audience. I'm sure, not intentionally, but I hadn't seen too much talk across the web regarding it. Well, if you hadn't heard it, you can preview two of the tracks here

As for what's new with him, this gritty souled out remix of London's based Omar's - There's Nothing Like This is pure finesse. My memories of this track always date back to the 94', 95' remix done by DJ Premier, Correction: it's the In the Park (rmx) by Trackmasters which I found my 12" copy not cassette single of, and you can check it out here. Enjoy this stellar version of an already classic gem. 

October 13, 2011

Jose James - Trouble (Oh No remix)

Sometime last week, I heard this remix of Jose James' latest single, Trouble. Producer, Oh No (Madlib's younger bro) lessened the bassline a tad, added some bells and whistles but overall kept the vibe very close to the original. You can purchase your copy starting tomorrow here. Trouble (Oh No Remix) by josejamesworldwide

Byron the Aquarius - Unreleased Menifesto

Not to many may know about keyboardist/producer, Byron the Aquarius but the Alabama native has been around and doing his thing since a boy. May sound bugged, but dude is only in his early twenties so it's not that hard to imagine. Over the past year I've come to know him having seen post here and there on the net about his production which in turn led me to his collaborative project, The Big Pay Back (2008) with french producer Onra. I've recently connected with Byron via Facebook and he's been putting me up on what's next in store from him. In the works and dropping real soon is The Cosmos Luxury Life LP. Also, Byron recently singed to Mr. Porter Productions (Eminem's producer) so expect to read his name within the liner notes of future projects coming out the D as well as around and abroad. 

To get you familiar with his sound, Byron decided to free up his hard drive and unleash a few beats and collaborative works from over the years for new and old fans to ride to. Enjoy and #T.A.L.K N.O.I.S.E

Byron The Aquarius - Untitled (track 3)

Byron the Aquarious - Untitled (track 6)

October 7, 2011

Proh Mic - Hit The Floor ft. Coultrain & Uncle Imani

Here comes another worthy artist from the All Natural camp! Producer, songwriter and emcee, Proh Mic, one third of The Hawthorne Headhunters is readying fans for his upcoming release, Rhythm For Days (10-25-11) with an electro funk-styled dance track titled Hit The Floor. A head bobber and body mover for sure, there's no denying it grabs your attention once the needle drops or mp3 plays. 

Added to enrich the track even more is the soulful gritty vocals of my dude Coultrain and Cali emcee, Uncle Imani from The Pharcyde. Rhythm for Days is expected to be more dance orientated (not that corny watered down techno crap) unlike his past works which display various soul, hip hop, jazz and eclectic styles of music. As an entity of his own, I just got hip to him last year, so I can't speak heavily on him. However, as long as he continues to craft dope music like this and that which I've come to know, I'm a fan for life.  

Proh Mic - Hit The Floor ft Coultrain and Uncle Imani


Last week, I posted up the video and original joint to the melodious vibe "Hold On" from the ISHE + HEZEKIAH PROJECT. This week, they bless fans with the free download of the funky afro-beat remix done by Georgia Anne Muldrow. Love the artwork - a beautiful profile pic highlighting ISHE's strident features. Enjoy! 


October 6, 2011

Darling Lure - Live From The Belly (TBG rmx)

Not taking anything away from the Midwest vibe (which I'm a huge fan of), but this joint sounds 90's East coast like a mutha. I absolutely love it! Tall Black Guy delivers this exclusive remix the only way he knows how - PURE DOPENESS! Alongside his cohorts, The Primeridian and fellow label mate, Adadfresh of the heels of their Darling Lure debut, they keep it moving with this sure shot smash. The original "Live From the Belly" featured on The Primeridian's mixp3 "Da Crack a Dawn". Rock it 'til the end and peep how TBG easily blends the hypnotic horns played by Simeon Viltz to close the track out. And if this isn't enough for ya, mellow out to this ooh so smooth joint that I came across via GS. Amazing my dude!

"Darling Lure" available to purchase from itunes now!

Darling Lure - Live From the Belly (TBG rmx)

Tall Black Guy - The Special

October 3, 2011

Shameka Dwight - Roses Have Thorns

The first time I heard Shameka Dwight, I instantly fell in love with her voice. I couldn't quite place who I thought she reminded me of, then after listening to this gem I came across via twitter today it came to me. I won't say who, but what I will say is, with the proper marketing machine behind Shameka, she will be an artist to cross the lines of R&B, gospel and jazz very easily without losing herself. Her latest single, "Roses Have Thorns" is a lovely tale of her complexities - both the good and the ugly, sung beautifully over gentle keys, warm strings and a tender drum. Produced and written by Shameka herself, this is the second single to come from her debut Lovelations which is scheduled for a December release. 

Shameka Dwight - Roses Have Thorns