November 22, 2009

Indie Soul Hustler

As I was driving, listening to Eric Roberson's latest cd, Music Fan First, I couldn't help but think of how he's the perfect blend of the Old school/New School. As the disc played, scenes reminiscent of house parties flashed through my mind - dim lights, a DJ caressing the vinyl and bodies intertwined and pressed against a wall, barley leaving room to breathe as they moved to the beat. Ahh, those were the days!

I've been a fan of the Rahway, New Jersey native ever since reading about him in an article featuring Spinderella of the legendary hip hop group Salt and Pepa. Eric has been cited as the face of indie soul music. Since his first release, The Esoteric Movement in 2001, he has gone on to work with Jill Scott and write songs for notables such as Musiq, Vivian Green, Dwele, Will Downing and Charlie Wilson. Still, despite his many accomplishments, he remains hidden in the shadows.

Now seven albums deep, he has certainly positioned himself as a great singer, songwriter and producer. From Music Fan First, I share with you one of my many favorites, "A Tale Of Two." As the story of boy meets girl unfolds, complexities arise and the unlikely affair begins. What could've been a great relationship takes a downward spiral leading to hurt feelings and ultimately a bad outcome for one. His flow on this song is like that of an MC. You'll have to listen to it a few times to follow, but you'll love it from the moment the beat drops. Check Eric's catalog here, and please make sure to support this brother. Props To Michael Baisden for showing Eric some love. UPDATE - Track is now available for download courtesy of Mr. Roberson.