November 21, 2009

Fi Di Black Queens Dem

My "Yard" family may want to "box me down" for my lack of knowledge on Reggae music. It's not that I'm not a fan. Being the progeny of Jamaican parentage, how could I not be. But I was born in Brooklyn, N.Y, early 70's, and at a very young age (around 9-10) hip-hop took control of my life. Still, reggae music is a part of my culture, and I honestly have to include more of it in my musical rotation. So with that said, I've included the video of a nice tune (She's Royal) I heard for the first time last Saturday, from Jamaican "singa", Tarrus Riley, from his 2006 sophomore cd Parables. Thanks to my sister-in-law, Sandra for putting me on to this one. Support the artist and conscious vibes music.
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