November 18, 2009

Take You Higher

It was love at first listen when Carmen Rodgers sang "Hands Of Time" and rejuvenated my weary mind that early morning five years ago. I had just left work. I must have played the song a good ten times cause it moved me immensely. Representing Dallas, Texas, Carmen by far has one of the loveliest voices emerging in soul music. On her 2004 debut, Free, Carmen boosts your soul with tender melodies and insightful songwriting that will inspire and have your heart rejoicing in a way you thought only gospel could. The album is incredible! Carmen's spirited singing will take you on a joy ride that will awaken and elevate your and mind and spirit. Unquestionably gifted, she has the ability to delight your ears and ignite your soul. Carmen without a doubt is one artist to keep your ear tuned into. From her debut Free, I share with you "Just Believe" - a remarkable song of sheer inspiration able to transform any moment of doubt. Please support this beautiful talent. Get your copy of Free and be on the lookout for her sophomore CD - Intermission/The Bitter coming 3-30-10.

Carmen Rodgers - Just Believe
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