November 18, 2009

Not Your Average Artist

About a year ago through a podcast I was listening to, I became familiar with the sounds of Bilal Salaam. Now at first, I was confused when I read the track list. I knew Bilal from the classic single "Soul Sista," but I know his last name to be Oliver, but I thought it did sound kind of like him. So with the last name Salaam, I hit up the net in search of an answer. My conclusion became my inclusion of another dope soulful brotha to my music collection. Bilal Salaam's music is an amalgam of hip hop and old soul with an electric twist. He catches the ear dropping cleverly written sociopolitical topics driven through his sharp at times, yet emphatic tone. Those who have seen him in concert have said he's a one man band whose capable of letting his presence and talent bring you into his zone. Representing Washington, D.C, Bilal Salaam is sure to make his mark amongst the countless artists of good underground soul music. From the EP: Langue De Rasoir here is the title cut "Razor Tongue." Self explanatory so no need for me to explain. Please support this cool pure breed of talent.

Bilal Salaam - Langue de Rasoir (Razor Tongue)

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