November 18, 2009

Soul Songstress

It was 2005 when I got my first taste of the beautiful, Conya Doss, and without hearing or even knowing much about her, I knew she was one artist I had to check for in the years to come. Hailing from Cleveland, Ohio, Conya has continuously been blessing the underground soul scene since 2002. I can honestly say Ms. Doss does something to me with every listen. Sometimes I find myself feeling remorse for the wrongs I've committed in my own relationships, then there are times when I feel the pain women deal with when hurt by men, and I understand why some remain single. She sings about the ups and downs of relationships in a way that many of lovers have experienced. You can tell she's either been in love or has seen her fair share of what love is about. Either way, she brings her message backed by an organic style production that is the perfect canvas on which she can paint. Now, seven years later, she has put out four great albums - each one a display of what a true artist should strive for. From her debut: A Poem About Ms. Doss - I present to you my favorite joint off the album. "Meantime" is about the pain of a love gone wrong and a woman's quest to find healing during that time. Please tune in and support this amazing artist.

Conya Doss - Meantime
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