November 30, 2009


I remember hearing this dude a while back on a podcast, but just recently followed up with the talent known as Olivierdaysoul. The Washington, D.C native dropped his debut, Kilowatt last year to a underwhelming audience (I even slept on him). His sultry edgy vocals clearly define his uncommon style which fares well over the solid bass driven and off centered production featured on his album. Think of George Clinton's bizarreness, Andre 3000's cool demeanor and the eroticism of Prince all wrapped up in one - Olivierdaysoul is shaping the next wave in sound while keeping your head in nod overdrive. Check the flavorful "Potion No.9" from Kilowatt and "The Walls" from an upcoming project entitled The Electrik. Continue to support the artist.

Olivierdaysoul - Potion No.9

Olivierdaysoul - The Walls
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