November 30, 2009

Along Comes A Genius

What does it take to make a musical genius? Look up Coultrain and you will uncover the blueprint. A prolific writer of poetry, this St. Louis native is the personification of vintage soul during modern times. His debut, The Adventures Of Seymor Liberty (2008) send you on a musical voyage through spacey soul sounds nestled between provocative & brilliant lyricism. Right away, his distinct voice sets him apart drawing no comparisons, and with every track he justly owns making this album an instant CLASSIC! Past reviews have claimed this masterpiece nothing but stellar. Jam music, mood music, timeless music...Coultrain dishes out the missing element not just to soul, but to music in its totality. Buy it here (it's worth every dollar), and if he's ever in your city by self or with PPP, please make sure to check this brother out. Support the artist.

Coultrain - Who R U?
Coultrain - Lost In Translation ft. Black Spade
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