November 18, 2009

A Hidden Jewel

Imagine being out the loop on some good news by just one day. Now imagine coming to find out about it nearly four years later. Well, the seven member collective known as The Rebirth is that good news you've been missing. Hailing from Los Angeles, Ca, combining influences from traditional soul, hip-hop, jazz and funk, The Rebirth brings back the essence of quality that's been lacking from music since the 70's. When I first heard them, I immediately thought about another band I like - The Brand New Heavies, but unlike TBNH The Rebirth, in my opinion, deliver more of a subdued vibe throughout their music. Lead vocalist, Noell Scaggs' voice is so soothing - sometimes even exotic. From their debut: This Journey In, "Mark Of His Ways" tells the tale of a man surrendering to his past, but still living with the mark of his transgressions moving ahead now present day. I look forward to their sophomore release: "Being Through the Eyes of a Child" coming soon...Please tune in and support this phenomenal group.

The Rebirth - Mark Of His Ways
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