November 18, 2009

A Message From Miracle

“This is my life, it is not a hobby. This is my one true love, not a one night stand" - Ayah.

How much truer can one's quote be when the proof is exhibited in her work. In April of 2008, I came to know Ayah via her track "Passing Me By 2008." Not really an answer record, instead a clever spin on The Pharchydes' 92 classic, "Passing Me By". Upon hearing other gems she dropped over classic hip hop joints of the past (Jay Z - Feelin' It and A Tribe Called Quest - Find A Way) in addition to production from one of my favorite producers, Nicolay, I became an instant fan. Hailing from Toronto, Canada, the 22 year old vocalist delivers insightful lyrics laced over an assortment of rhythmic and neck breaking beats for your pleasure. After one listen to her music, you too will become a fan. She is without a doubt passionate for what she does, and I highly recommend you get to know her if you don't already. Check her out, support the EP: 4:15 and prepare to hear something epic come 2010, when she drops her debut.
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