November 27, 2009


After nearly a decade of being off scene, Philly native, Shareese Ballard, b.k.a. Res returns with her 2nd LP, Black.Girls.Rock. The project consist of past unreleased songs written during her Geffen Records days and newly penned tracks that continue the story from her 2001 debut, How I Do. This woman of substance has a sound exclusively her own which takes soul felt rock tunes and fuses them with hip-hop, folk and reggae-dub. Constantly mixing it up, you can find Res vibing with her group, Idle Warship, introduced last year as a triple hot pairing of Talib Kweli and Graph Noble. Download Black.Girls.Rock. from Res' website and Party Robot from Idle Warship's myspace for free while they last.

Featured below are "Angry" from the current - a jewel of a track discussing the frustrated emotions caused by a mate's inconsiderate ways, and "700 Mile Situation" from her debut -  a slow dub track where Res tries to deal with the impulsive travels of a lover who's seemingly afraid to stay close by. Stay tuned for more to come from this spirited talent, and be sure to patronize Res' previous effort.

Res - Angry
Res - 700 Mile Situation
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