November 23, 2009

Funky White Soul

My adventures on itunes last night lead me to these four guys you see above. Hailing from Amsterdam, Netherlands - The Lefties Soul Connection are a raw funk band inspired by the likes of The JB's, The Meters and hip-hop acts like The Roots. Their sound is mainly instrumental, but are known to include vocals provided by guitar player, Onno Smit and others during their live shows. Their buzz is big amongst the international funk sound of Europe, Japan and the U.S.A. Now let's get familiar with them here on SLE Soundscape.

The mellow groove of "Cover My Eyes" coupled with Corrina Greyson's sultry vocals revives vintage tracks like James Brown's - "It's a Man's World" or even Glady's Knight and The Pips' - "Neither One of Us."  What do you think? Support this funky band!

Lefties Soul Connection - Cover My Eyes ft. Corrina Greyson
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