November 18, 2009

Let Us Begin

Soul Lessons Entertainment proudly presents SLE Soundscape - a blog committed to shedding light on a wealth of talented artists, who unfortunately don't get the proper exposure through radio. As founder of Soul Lessons Entertainment, we are gearing up to promote positive music, healthy living and going green specifically amongst urban communities. SLE Soundscape will be our first venture dedicated solely on showcasing the artists and their works. I begin this journey into blogosphere with hopes that the content provided will open your minds and ears and allow a new direction in your musical taste to come forth. For me, this music is not just something to listen to. It's more an experience of art that captivates my soul and stirs my emotions. This is what good music should do - provide you with more than something to nod your head and shake your butt to. Save the fashion show flow, oversexed and auto-tuned lyrics for pop culture. It's a soul revolution, and I'm ready to celebrate. So tell a friend, keep it moving and let's get into some good music.


David Williams
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