November 20, 2009

Bringing The Apple Back From The Juice

Earth Wind and Fire, Klymaxx, Parliment Funkadelic and Sly and The Family Stone: all these bands gave us timeless material we shall continue to love and play for years to come. Flash forward to the 21st century, Stone Mecca, a 9 piece band (5 musicians, 4 singers) arrive on the scene, and they're continuing in their predecessors steps of producing quality music.

The Los Angeles, Cali based group emerged in 2007 with the classic singles  "A Walk" and "Oh", both which featured on The RZA Presents: Afro Samurai Soundtrack. Their debut album, First Contact followed shortly after in the summer of that same year. Filled with pure and sensuous vocals that  blend beautiful medleys over funky drumming, sizzling guitar and bass strums - the album replicates an era when musicians relied on live instrumentation verses the tricky hands of technology that dominates today's music. Singer/songwriter and main producer of the group, Tru James' main mission in forming S.M. was to "Bring the apple back from the juice." Literal translation, "Putting substance back into the music." Mission accomplished my brotha! Listen to two of my favorites below, and please support this group.

Stone Mecca - A Walk

Stone Mecca - Beautiful
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