December 21, 2009

Ali Shaheed Muhammed & The Luv Bugz

It's been over 5 years now since Ali Shaheed Muhammed'sShaheedullah & Stereotypes (2004) hit stores. I remember driving all over Orlando to buy this cd, and finally found it at Best Buy. After popping it in the cd player and listening to the first 3 tracks, I quickly noticed a major difference in his production. Unlike the jazz influenced sound of his group A Tribe Called Quest, Ali's solo album showcased a more organic R&B/hip hop type of vibe, which proved to be more of his exclusive production style. The project also introduced me to then new artists, Kay & Sy Smithwho I'm a fan of both to this very day. Other featured artists were Chip from Fu Schnickens and Stokley Williams from Mint Condition. Not too many people I know have heard or even know about the album. In my opinion, S&S was sonically & lyrically out of the norm from what the industry was and is still putting out today. So in support of his upcoming second solo album, which the title has yet to be disclosed, I ready you with a pair of my favorite tracks off Shaheedullah and Stereotypes. Also, in the video below, peep a sample of the track "Be Like Luv Bugz" featuring The Luv Bugz from the forthcoming album. Another great year in music is ahead. Support good music as always.

Ali Shaheed Muhammad - Family ft. Kay Jay

Ali Shaheed Muhammed - Industry Life (background vocals, Sy Smith)

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