December 11, 2009

New Amerykah Pt 2: Return of The Ankh

I'm so amped right now! Just read an article about Eryka Badu's follow up to the incredible, New Amerykah Pt1: 4th World War (2008). New Amerykah Pt2: Return of The Ankh releases Feb 23, 2010 (finally) and will feature production by J Dilla, Madlib, James Posyer and notable others. Sounds like it's going to be another knockout for Ms. Badu. With Sade, Silhouette Brown, Jose James and others to drop, 2010 is going to be another great year in music. Read the article for yourself here. And for those of you who don't have Pt1, the track below will convince you to get it. Support the artist and mark your calendar for Return of The Ankh, 2-23-10.

Erykah Badu - That Hump
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