December 24, 2009

The Fembassy Presents: The Revival

This is really beautiful to see! A sisterhood of emcees & a dj: Roxanne Shante (New York), Bahamadia (Philly), Invincible (Detroit), Eternia (Toronto), Stacy Epps (Atlanta) & Shortee (California). The Revival is a brief look into Shante's and Bahamadia's very first meeting, where they discuss their stories about their new found faiths and their careers in the music industry. They also lend advice and pay respect to the rising femcees on the tour with them. You'll see show highlights of each ones performance while oversees in Europe. The 16 minute documenatary was filmed by Eternia and presented by Get to know these artists. Support the true ladies of hip hop music.

Invincible - Place Where We Dwell

Bahamadia - Real Love

Eternia - Foul Child

Roxanne Shante - Roxanne's Revenge

Stacy Epps - Falling Down
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