December 22, 2009

Detroit Is About To Have A Riot

Inspired by the city riots of 1967, Burn Rubber & Acapulco Gold join forces with 8 of Michigan's finest for the blazing "Detroit Riots." Bringing together T3 (Slum Village), Buff 1, Ro Spit, Fat Ray, One Be Lo, Marv Won, Phatboy Chef, Fatt Father and Black Milk on the beat, it's a posse cut that will go down in history. Would've been nice to have Guilty Simpson and Elzhi on this as well. The full project, Detroit Riots will release 12-26-09, and will speak upon the ills of society: high unemployment, the economy, police brutality and much more. Make sure to look out for it here. Props to my man MOSologist.

Detroit Riots

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