December 31, 2009

Szjerdene - UK Songstress On The Rise

Don't worry about how her name is pronounced. Just allow her music to carry you through a moment where soft melodies peruse your inner self, and her dainty, jazzy vocals treat your ears in a delightful way. At age 21, London's, Szjerdene is soon to be a voice most will come to love. I discovered her just recently, and after listening to the 3 songs off her Collage - The Demo, I'm telling you, she's gonna win hearts with her music. Look out for her EP, Tailored releasing in 2010, but for now enjoy the bluesy rock funk of "Blue Lullaby." Get your free download of Collage - The Demo here. Continue to support real music.

Szjerdene - Blue Lullaby
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