December 10, 2009

The Future Sound Is Jaspects

Turn on any urban radio station and you surely won't hear anything remotely close to the uniquely talented and inspiring measure known as Jaspects. These 6 ATLiens, defy every challenge that comes with making music in order to make a sound that is unrivaled to none. Graduates of Morehouse College music department, the formally trained musicians will have you sitting still, brooding as you live within their music for 48 minutes. Traditional jazz instrumentation and futuristic vibes are a major part of this album's groove. I kid you not, this is some next level ish which in no fashion suggests that this group is trying to be different - they just are! The Polkadotted Stripe is the groups fourth album. You can find three of their works here. Young brothers like these are a rarity. They deserve the support of all who enjoy charismatic, ingenious and perfectly crafted music. I'm mad late on the discovery, but not ashamed by far.

Jaspects - Polkadotted Stripes

Jaspects - Unifunk
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