December 8, 2009

The Natural Self Design

The U.K strikes again with more innovative and straight up dope music. Producer, Keno-1 a.k.a Nathaniel Pearn is the force behind the evolving design know as Natural Self. Keno, grew up in Oxford, England, and as a teen, he was heavily inspired by the production of The Bomb Squad (Public Enemy). Captivated by the sound, he devoted himself to explore the roots of 60's & 70's American funk. DJing since 94', the culture of crate diggin' (vinyl shopping) broadened his musical taste and shaped his future to become the producer his is today. His production is a sonic blast of rugged break beats, percussive grooves, sensational live instrumentation and a few added symphonious vocals by the likes of Elodie Rama & Andreya TrianaThe Art of Vibration (2008) and My Heart Beats Like A Drum (2009) show Keno's ability to circumvent one style and bring a new flavor to his kaleidoscope of music. Get both albums here or on itunes. Support innovative music.

Natural Self - Feet Keep Moving

Natural Self - Midnight Sun ft Elodie Rama
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