December 9, 2009

Just Call Him D-Brock

One of the best and rising stars in R&B is singer/songwriter Darien Brockington. If you don't know anything about dude's soulful sounds, you're clearly depriving yourself. Better know as D-Brock, the falsetto singing Durham, NC native mixes classic soul with 90's style hip-hop to create his flavor of good and honest music. His debut, Somebody To Love (2006) was a solid effort exemplifying his talents as a singer and songwriter, and to this very day, still gets play. You can show your support and order it here. Catch him on tour with his group, The Foreign Exchange. He also has a new mixtape coming out: The Cold Case Files. Peep the first track from it below and check the video following of him performing his stirring classic, "Beautiful" live at Sugarhill in Atlanta, Ga. 

Darien Brockington - Here We Go

Darien Brockington - Beautiful from D-Brock Music.
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