December 22, 2009

Escape With Sound Scapes

East London & Kent Coast UK representatives, Amede pronounced (AM-EDDIE) - the voice, and producer/engineer The Soundsmith are a deeply creative duo that's all about making good music. Together, they unite a collection of sounds stemming from soul break beats & hip hop samples, and reaching towards futuristic, ambient vibes with a lounge effect to bring their dream stage like music to the forefront. My beginings with the group are extremely new and came via Sexy Beast Vol 5 by DJ SD & Jus One. I liked what i heard, so off to their myspace I went to find out more about the group. I bought a joint off their Flat 17 - EP, and got a free download of a project entitled Sound Scapes via their website. Here's what Amede had to say about Sound Scapes:

"Sound Scapes is a 24 track album which in a nutshell, reveals all my ways of working and snippits of vocal work soon to come in 2010. The Sound Scapes touch on discrepant sampled based hip hop soul built on my mpc, sparse soulful and abstract vocals to some sonic sound studies to soak your mind in."

Give them a listen. Download the project here, and look out for new works to come in 2010. Support good music.

Amede & The Soundsmith - It Happening Brother

Amede & The Soundsmith - Tip Toe ft. Shanaz Dorsett
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