December 29, 2009

Darien Brockington - The Cold Case Files

It's here people! After 3 years off scene, D-Brock returns with his mixtape, The Cold Case Files. It's a collection of works beginning in February 2007 and ending here in December 2009. A lot of things kept Darien from the music during his absence, but his passion for the art was well rejuvenated while touring with The Foreign Exchange back in Dec of 2008. There's a few cut's (3 total) I'm not really feeling, but the rest are all heaters and overall the mixtape is solid. Glad to hear D-Brock again. His voice and style are truly a treat to the ears. Support the mixtape! It's only $5, and be on watch for his sophomore album Affected: The Story of John Doe coming in 2010!

Darien Brockington - Addiction

Darien Brockington - I Know (You Know)
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