December 15, 2009

Full Crate & Mar - Conversations With Her

I can't remember exactly when I heard Full Crate's "She Was Fly" ft. Mar, but ever since that time, I'd been feigning for more music from them. With Mar's easy flowing vocals atop Full Crate's seamless blend of soul, house and hip hop, I get in the mood to just lounge on the couch in my robe and chill. Just yesterday, I was fortunate to have been on twitter when Full Crate tweeted "Flirtwitu" ft. Versis, and upon playing it, I shook my head. Another banger! Conversations With Her EP drops 1-15-10. I can't wait! Peep samples from the project on Amazon. "Surreal Moments" sounds like it's gonna be my track. Props to Moovmnt.

Full Crate & Mar - She Was Fly (right click & save file)

Full Crate & Mar ft Versis - Flirtwitu (right click & save file)
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