December 30, 2009

Martin Luther - The Rebel Soul Rock Star

My memories of Rebel Soul Rock Star, Martin Luther date back to early 2005 while driving back to Orlando (home at the time) from Tampa. I cruised I4 while electric rock strings coupled with straight laced soul poured from the speakers of my Honda Accord. I listened intently as  Martin's dynamic vocal styles bended perfectly to the varied production on Rebel Soul Music (2004). On gems like "Home," he delivers insight about the streets where he grew up on in San Francisco. Things gets steamy on "Truth Or Dare" as he plays an erotic game of questions with a potential conquest, and on "Muse Sick Dreamz," he speaks about his battle between the woman in his life and his pursuit to become an accomplished musician. Martin is definitely not one to sleep on! Check out two of my favorites below, and peep the video for a classic in the making, hopefully off Love Is The Hero dropping Spring 2010. Invest your hard earned dollars on a talent that truly deserves it. Support real singers and quality music.

Martin Luther - Lust

Martin Luther - Ms. America
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