December 18, 2009

Blitz The Ambassador of Hip Hop

Born and raised in Accra, Ghana now residing in Brooklyn, NY - Blitz The Ambassador is a name in hip hop you should not be sleeping on. Along with his band The Mighty Embassy EnsembleBlitz The Ambassador is sure to captivate your eardrums with subject driven matter over incredible live instrumentation. Think back to when The Roots hit the mark with their sophomore album Do You Want More. Well, Blitz is just that serious and then some! Today, I was listening to his, On My Mixtape Sh*t while at the gym, and I was thoroughly impressed by the overall project. Kept me pump throughout my workout. BTA is the truth and a testament to what hip hop was once known for - ORIGINALITY! Turn off the radio, and plug in to Blitz The Ambassador. Download the mixtape here. Featured below is is the poignant, "Dying To Live" off his album Stereotypes which is available on itunes now. Continue to support quality music.

Blitz The Ambassador - Dying To Live ft. John Forte

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