December 29, 2009

The Soul of Miles Bonny

Getting back into my daily after a quick, yet fun filled holiday is never easy in any regards for me. However, I have my duties of keeping my visitors up to date with the best in music beyond the radio. So, let's not waste anymore time. Prepare your ears for the soulful notes of Kansas City resident, Miles Bonny. At first glance, I'm sure you'd think he's everything opposite what a soul singer should look like. But what is the look truthfully? If it's all about name brand fashion and swag, then it's obviously not about the music. With Miles, it's all about the music. His laid back groove called "Words (I Love You)" which I came across yesterday via AJB immediately caught my attention and caused me to do some research about him. Miles has a few titles under his belt to include his solo debut: Smell Smoke (2006) & the critically acclaimed Closer Love EP (2007). Be sure to check this cat out. He'll be dropping 2 releases in 2010: Reggie B & Miles Bonny - Doing Our Thang on 1-08-10 & INcense & Wine in Feb, 2010. Support good music. Support the talents of the underground.

Miles Bonny - Bucktown v2.0
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