December 6, 2009

My Weekend Spins

Zone4/Interscope recording artist, Jared Evan hits hard with this banger. Produced by the 21 year old, New York native, he spits three short tales over solid drums, synth stabs and just the right amount of auto-tune to keep my head nodding. His mixtape, Radio In My Head is available for free download here. I'm on the fence about it, but you be your own judge.

Jared Evan - Frozen

The Brooklyn/Bronx connection of hip-hop vets, OC & AG take the music back to its essence with boom-bap tracks and true lyricism on their long awaited debut, Oasis. The classic "Young With Style" has the D.I.T.C (Diggin' In The Crates) legends gettin' busy, spittin' lyrical finesse & metaphors that instantly generate a "yo, you heard what he said" response over the slow knock by producers Show and KC. This joint takes me back to 97' with this cut from O's sophomore album, Jewelz. Oasis in stores now!

OC & AG - Young With Style

I believe, New York native, Outasight is about to drop a classic on Dec 15th! Coming with a mode different from his peers in the game, this dude turns loose on the ill, 6th Sense produced, "Catch Me If You Can." Showcasing his unorthodox style of singing and emceeing over the smooth, bottom heavy beat - Outasight coolly let's his rock star flow letting cats know he doesn't have time to waste. Make sure to check for his debut, Further next week Tuesday (12/15).  

Outasight - Catch Me If You Can

The organic feel of "Natural" is just one of many jewels from the arsenal of the higly underrated, yet superbly artistic, Yahzarah. Over a mild, jazzy melody, the D.C. native flows a sensuous thought about a man in her life who seemingly captivates her and leaves her in a mental trance. Then again, I get the feeling she's talking about music and how it obsesses her existence. Whatever the case, it's sweet soul music to the ears. Keep an eye out  for the highly anticipated The Ballad Of Miss. Purple St. James.

Yahzarah - Natural

I love this joint right here! Jamaica Queens representatives, Nicky Guiland & Casey Benjamin - A.K.A HEAVy, lay down an intimate groove detailing the better days of a relationship now destined for "Change." The snazzy production by Casey, arranges the perfect scene for Nicky's impassioned outcry. The combination makes for a winning track from start to finish. As a matter of fact, the whole album is a gem. Get it here.

HEAVy - Change
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