December 5, 2009

Good Music Is Not Radio-Sized!

My discovery of Shayna Steele came on the cusp of a family outing last Sunday. We were muddling through directions for this new spot to take the kids. It was her conscious... fist in the air declaration blasting from hubby's speakers that snagged my attention and made my baby fro tingle! Conjuring up visions of past 4 am ciphers, open mics and lyrical niceness, I'll Be Anything exhibits Shayna's skillfulness as a vocalist who will not be defined by just one sound. Released this past November, the album joins light rock, jazz, disco and funky soul to create a musical fusion. Shayna, with an effortless ease combines climatic notes over electric guitars and multi-layered sultry verses which set the backdrop for her life story.

Born to a black father and a white mother in Sacramento, Shayna grew up an Air Force brat. Her younger years living overseas never prepared her for the racial backlash she would experience once her family settled in Biloxi, MS. Finding refuge and freedom in music, a passionate pursuit is what eventually led her to NYC. With a 12 year span of successes ranging from starring on Broadway, TV appearances and being a vocalist in demand, it took crossing paths with industry veteran, pianist and composer David Cook to make the magic happen in the studio. Their collaborative effort of writing, recoding and producing materialized into I'll Be Anything. Check out two of my favorites off the album, 4AM Song and What We Are Giving. Support true artist and pass it on.

Shayna Steele - 4AM Song
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