December 4, 2009

The Self Contained One

I won't even front - I'm brand new to the varied styles of Erik Rico. A man of many talents: DJ, producer, writer, singer and multi-instrumentalist, Erik has been blessing the music scene for over the past decade. His clients include Tupac, Q-tip, Talib Kweli, Lady Bug Mecca (Digable Planets) and a myriad of other artists across the globe. Listening to Erik, at times I envision Toronto's, Glenn Lewis; then again, G.L sounds like a young Stevie Wonder to me, and Erik doesn't. That's no dis to Erik by far, just making an observation. In all honesty, his voice switches up so often there's truly no pinning his sound. Either way, I'll be supporting his past efforts (Journey Back To Me & A Higher Frequency EP), and enjoying his gift of music for years to come. Sign up for his mailing list and receive your free download of his new The Reworks Project - his re-interpretation of 6 great songs by artists that inspired him. Peep the Marvin Gaye classic below. Support this incredibly talented artist.

Erik Rico - I Want You
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